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Off the Back Burner: An Introduction


I am so excited to bring this website to life!

My name’s Chris. I got my Master's Degree in social work in 2015. I've worked as a crisis intervention specialist, a community outreach coordinator, and currently, I work part time as a mental health therapist. The burnout of working in a hospital ER during the pandemic fast tracked my “midlife” crisis and allowed me to speak aloud any aspirations I had long since tucked away. Next thing I knew, I was on the phone with an admissions advisor and planning to move across the country to enroll in culinary school. Now, nearly a year later, in Farm-to-Table, my last kitchen block before a 4-month externship, I figure I should probably share what I’m learning.

I know what you’re thinking. The world does not need another food blog. But given my professional background, I want this format to serve a different purpose. I will not be focusing on recipe development. I do not currently have aspirations to be a big shot head chef. But I love food, I love writing, and I love learning about people. I intend to cover topics of regenerative agriculture, restaurant trends, treatment of kitchen workers, scientific advancements, and whatever else the future has in store for this beloved industry.

Ultimately, I believe cooking for others is an expression of gratitude and should be given its due deference. Take care of people. Nourish them. Appreciate the company you keep. Food can be a testament to resilience, a roadmap to innovation, and a celebration of history. This blog is meant to be a love letter to anyone who understands this mindset. I'm learning about myself by learning about my relationship to food. I aim to utilize my sociological expertise to hone my literary skills while documenting my culinary journey and the stories of people whom I meet along the way. Let's show everyone what we can bring to the table!


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